April 14

April 16, 2012 at 12:11 pm | Posted in Family, Transylvania, Travel | 2 Comments
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April 14: Bridge over troubled cobblestones.
After our night in the frozen wilderness, we headed for the more familiar urban haven of Sibiu. We climbed the clock tower you see in the distance (134 stairs) and stood on the Bridge of Lies (the vantage point for this picture). We sampled fresh, hot donuts drizzled in chocolate at the Easter fair in Piața Mare. And we played fetch with the hotelier’s Golden Retriever, Tasha … It’s all in a weekend’s adventures for us!


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  1. […] is 134. 134 steps to the top of the clock tower! The kiddos climbed it with Daddy on our recent trip to Sibiu and counted each and every concrete rise to the top. Then they got to rest, make funny faces at the […]

  2. […] for Mark Zuckerberg, who makes it possible for me to stay in touch with friends from places like Sibiu and Alba […]

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