March 4

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March 4: Tickets, please.
We visited the indoor section of Cluj’s ethnography museum this weekend. There were displays on farming, wine-making, sheep-herding, traditional dress, music, pottery, toys, and holidays. As we were leaving, I asked the kids what their favorite thing was. Besides the cookies and candy the women staffing the museum shared with them, Giggles liked the hand-dyed Easter eggs, and Lollipop liked the embroidered dresses. I loved the pottery and became even more determined to find some to bring home to the States!


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
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  1. […] view when I looked up at the ceiling of the pizza place where we took the kids for lunch after our morning at the museum. The bricks, the iron chandelier, the bright white light — the gorgeous contrast of it all just […]

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