January 20

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January 20: Putting on pounds.
The kiddos’ new favorite game is to play store. Clothing store. Grocery store. Pet store. Toy store. Shoe store. Hair-bow store. You name it, they’ve opened it. To aid in their entrepreneurial endeavors, I got them this cash register at the mall near our apartment. It’s a British-made toy, with a frog-hedgehog-type narrator who says things like, “That will be 7 pounds please.” And “Can you scan the biscuits?” (better known as cookies in the States). All three kids love playing with it, whether it’s to complete actual transactions or just press the “Open” button and make the cash drawer pop out. And me? I always laugh and feel like I need to have a spot of tea and some scones when they turn it on.


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  1. I remember when you and friends would play office…good memories!

  2. […] I love the experiences you’ve given my children. Horse-drawn sleighs and haystacks. Castles and pirate ships.  Walnuts the size of dinosaur eggs and the value of the almighty British pound. […]

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