December 9

December 9, 2011 at 5:51 pm | Posted in Transylvania, Travel | 1 Comment
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December 9: On the road again.
We saw this sign after we crossed the border back into Romania last weekend, and it felt just like it does when you see a sign on a U.S. highway with your town on it … Home is in sight! There is only one highway in Romania, though, and it lacks exit ramps. So, it’s nearly impossible to use unless your destination is, literally, the end of the road. In this case, we were zig-zagging through narrow, busy downtown streets trying to get back to the semi-major roads that connect cities.


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  1. So true about the sign. I love to travel, but am always so happy to return to my home. I especially miss my gardens when vacationing in Summer. There’s no place like home! Thanks so much for your visit to my blog.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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