November 5

November 5, 2011 at 10:39 pm | Posted in Lollipop, Transylvania | 3 Comments
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November 5: Counting sheep.
Our first sleepover is in progress. One of Lollipop’s friends from school is staying the night, and so far (knock on wood), they are quiet. They might even be asleep already? Surely not, as there are hours and hours left in the night to gossip and giggle. As I listen for little-girl whispers, I find myself wondering how my baby girl got old enough to have a friend sleep over … and how early will they be up in the morning??


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
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  1. Very fun! It’s kind of ethereal looking! 🙂

  2. I am wondering how the sleep over turned out and how much sleep was actually accomplished?
    This is a beautiful photo.

    • It went well! I was surprised how quickly they fell asleep, and they didn’t get up any earlier than normal. My husband even made French toast for breakfast, which was a first for my daughter’s German-Australian friend. =>

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