November 4

November 4, 2011 at 10:10 pm | Posted in Me, Transylvania | 3 Comments
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November 4: In the bag.
Reason #72 I like Romania: When you go grocery shopping, you have three choices: (1) Bring your bags with you. (2) Buy bags at the store. (3) Carry your stuff home without a bag. There is no expectation that the store provide you with bags, as there is in the States. Thus, you just don’t see people loading one or two things in each plastic bag, then loading 29 plastic bags into their trunk, and then throwing those 29 bags in their trash can. It’s a simple, effective system that makes a lot of sense … and cuts down on waste. (Plus, you get lots of cool reusable bags, like this one.)


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  1. That is such a colorful bag. And I like the Romanian way of doing things. We take our own bags when we go shopping here.

  2. That is indeed a cool bag! I will admit that I do not use the re-usable bags when I shop; I have them, but I do not use them. The reason for that is because I take every single plastic bag I get, flatten them and fold them into little squares then bring them into the library to put my patrons books into, especially on rainy or snowy days – it protects those pages!

    • Good for you for reusing! I can think of absolutely no better way to reuse plastic bags than for books. =>

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