October 26

October 26, 2011 at 10:58 pm | Posted in Transylvania | 18 Comments
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October 26: The nut house.
We spent the afternoon with some fellow expats last Saturday so our collective broods could run out some energy and speak English together. In the courtyard of their old-style Romanian building was a giant walnut tree. A gorgeous giant walnut tree. And it had been dropping equally giant walnuts onto the green grass and stone pathways all week. We managed to collect a few in between dodging a fall rain shower, finding lost shoes and mittens, quarantining a sick child (ours) from the rest, and policing popcorn consumption. Now, if we could only figure out where to buy a nutcracker in this town …


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Jenny Matlock



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  1. So sorry one of the kids wasn’t feeling well! Still, I bet the rest of you had a grand time collecting nuts and chatting.

  2. I used to collect hazelnuts from the hedges near my grandparent’s house. There’s something special about eating nuts straight from the tree!

  3. THat must have been fun.LOve the nuts

  4. I hope your little one feels better soon! Don’t need a nutcracker, just use a stone to burst it 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness! Just think of the poor squirrels who will go hungry now! Heehee!

  6. Hope you child is better soon! Loved this day for you. Just wonderful. And i love the photo. Just beautiful. And walnuts. yum.:)

  7. Just use a hammer:)

  8. That’s a great shot. I hope you find a way to crack your nuts.

  9. Nothin like fresh nuts out of the tree. When I was in college we lived in a place that was abundant with pecan trees. Loved it. But, yes, if you can’t open them you can’t enjoy them. Hope your child is better.

  10. I am sorry for sick children. That is no fun! A walnut tree. That is such a dream! Oh My Goodness! I love walnuts! Your post was wonderful. Take care and hope all is well very soon.

  11. I am SURE you will be able to find a nut cracker there! Is there a hardware store? Hope your little one is feeling better now!!

  12. It sounds like it was a fun yet wet outing! I hope your little ones feel better soon.

  13. Oh my that brings back a delightful memory…my mothe used to have so many nut crackers….that’s all we had around the house…for years was nuts to crack then finally somebody came up with the idea of selling more of them already cracked!

  14. Great photo.

    Hope your child is on the mend soon!


  15. Lovely photo. Hope your little one gets well soon.

  16. What a beautiful shot of the nuts 🙂 Sounds like you had a lovely day collecting them! I hope your child gets better soon!

  17. Walnut trees are so lovely! We had a giant one at our old house in Ohio and I was always enchanted (and sometimes irritated by the mess from the nuts) with the bounty.

    We grew up opening walnuts with a brick or hammer…but that’s not nearly as cool as a nutcracker!

    This was a lovely look at autumn!

    Hope your sick one is well now.

    Thanks for letting us tag along on your noisy and fun day.


  18. […] my children. Horse-drawn sleighs and haystacks. Castles and pirate ships.  Walnuts the size of dinosaur eggs and the value of the almighty British […]

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