October 12

October 12, 2011 at 10:00 pm | Posted in Lollipop, Transylvania | 16 Comments
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October 12: Ziua de mâine.
Ziua de mâine. It means tomorrow in Romanian. And tomorrow is a big day. My daughter turns 5! We’ve all been scrambling around getting ready for her birthday party, but there’s an extra layer of nervousness this year. This will be the first official gathering at our Romanian apartment. We want to follow Romanian tradition and reciprocate the hospitality we’ve been shown, but we also want to share some of our American customs. I hope we’ve struck a good balance, and I’m sure the kids will have fun, no matter what. I mean, you can’t go wrong with cake and presents no matter what country you’re in … right?


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
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Z is for ziua de mâine. See more Zs at Jenny’s.

Jenny Matlock



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  1. Happy, happy fifth birthday to Lollipop! Give her hugs from her friends at farm school!

  2. Happy returns tomorrow!

  3. I hope a great time is had by everyone! Happy birthday to your daughter 🙂

  4. Cake and presents is a certain recipe for success. Hope the party is wonderful!

  5. Happy Birthday! Parites are good with kids no matter where. 🙂

  6. I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday party! Cake is a winner in my book! :))

  7. Hello.
    Who doesn’t like cake & presents?
    Hope everyone has a wonderful time.

    Thanks for sharing.

    The Evening Zephyr

  8. I’m sure the party will be a huge hit. BTW, love your wrapping paper photo–absolutely terrific little girl colors!

  9. Parties are always so much fun especially when you are a kid! Great post and HB to the birthday girl!

  10. Oh birthdays at that age are so wonderful! Have the best party ever!

  11. What a perfect “Z” phrase! Hope the birthday party is a success! Actually, I’m sure it will be! Who doesn’t like a party???

  12. I think cake and presents will go over big! Have fun!

  13. Happy Birthday to your daughter! You’re so right, birthday cake and presents are a universal kind of fun. Wishing you all a wonderful time. Eat cake for me will ya? lol!

  14. Right. And what cute wrapping paper!


  15. How exciting. I’m going to scroll ahead to read more about your party!

    This sounds like a fabulous celebration!

    Congratulations on your lovely daughter turning five! Where does the time go!

    Thanks for linking up.

    Hope to Z you soon!


  16. How did I miss this post? I hope your daughter’s birthday was wonderful! And I love the photo!

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