September 19

September 19, 2011 at 10:00 pm | Posted in Me, Transylvania | 1 Comment
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September 19: Happy Anniversary to me.
On the one-month anniversary of my surgery, I thought it appropriate to post a picture of some sort of motorcycle. So this afternoon I hobbled out onto the porch and snapped a few shots of the one across the street. My physical therapist told me today that 100,000 legs get broken every hour, and between all the motorcycles and soccer matches, I’m pretty sure most of those happen in Europe! Mine certainly did! But on this anniversary, I also have to celebrate how far I’ve come. Some days, it feels like I’ll never walk again. And other days, when I can get up off the couch by myself, put a few things away by myself, fix a snack for myself, and go outside to snap a few pictures, it seems like maybe, just maybe, I’m making progress.


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
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  1. Here by way of Altered Spaces. Healing wishes for your leg, smiling to note the local restaurant we always go to in LA is Aroma, intrigued to recall that some of my ancestors hail from the Carpathian mountains in Transylvania; intrigued about the way so many random threads weave together to make our world.

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