September 13

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September 13: An apple a day …
We got a care package in the mail from friends back in the States, and among other things (a family-size bag of real Cheetos!), there were some books for Bun. They’re super-colorful, they’re lightweight, and the lettering sparkles. He loves them! It does my heart good to see him carrying them around, turning the pages, and even tossing them on the floor because he hasn’t really showed an interest in books up till now. It’s our fault, of course. We started reading to Lollipop when she was four months old and to Giggles when he was a year. Somehow, Bun has gotten lost in the bedtime shuffle. He’s too small to sit and listen to the books his siblings choose, and he’s usually so tired that he won’t sit still for any book, no matter how short. But now he has his very own, he can “read” them any time he wants, and no doubt he’ll soon be a bibliophile like the rest of us!


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
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  1. I remember my girls first books … one type,thick cardboard pages with bright colourful pictures and the other type, bath books, squashy plastic pages, again with bright pictures. (needless to say they got them mixed up and the cardboard ones didn’t fair too well in the bath, but they’ve been in love with books ever since.. 😀

  2. I love these! Bought a stack of books for L. for his birthday, hoping that I’d be more motivated to read him his own. Where is the time for this??

  3. How wonderful that you are instilling a love of books in your children. I see countless children at the library every day excited about the books they are going to check out with parents feeding that enthusiasm. And there is an equal amount who come in with the parents who just want to check facebook pages who look at the books as if they were alien things. sigh.

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