September 10

September 11, 2011 at 12:01 am | Posted in Family, Transylvania | 4 Comments
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September 10: Fresh air.
We received an impromptu invitation from friends to come over and enjoy a cookout at their house tonight. When they called, I was still in my pajamas, hadn’t brushed my teeth yet, and was feeling generally tired and sore. Needless to say, I didn’t really feel like going. But I’m so glad I did. They set me up in a really comfy papazan-like chair on their porch, and I watched the kids play on the trampoline and throw balls to each other. I watched the sun set. And I watched plate after plate of delicious food — everything from mămăligă to salata de varza to ciorba de ciuperci — being brought out to us. By the end of the night, we were huddled in jackets and blankets, but our hearts were warm from the friendship and conversation.


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  1. Sounds so lovely, Stacia! So sorry that you are so far from home dealing with this. Sounds as though you have some very nice friends there that are helping you along. Hugs to the kiddos…..

    • Thanks, Janie! And the kiddos send hugs back! =>

  2. […] months since our family was first graciously welcomed into the home of the friends we visited with last night. On a day so focused on anniversaries marking tragedy and resilience, I decided to use this space […]

  3. Sounds like a great evening … and great friends. 🙂

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