September 7

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September 7: Everywhere a puff, puff.
These salty puffed-corn snack-things are ubiquitous in Romania. They’re called pufuleţi {“poo-foo-lets”}. Various brands, packaging, and flavors take up half the chip aisle at the grocery store. Some melt in your mouth. Some have the teeniest bit of crunch. Some taste like you’re eating salt straight from the shaker. Romanians who have experienced Cheetos tell you pufuleţi are their version. Not even close. But they’re unique in the way that fried, cholesterol-raising, cultural-specific foods often are. That means, of course, that my kids love them, Bun especially. He’s been known to drive me to open a bag in the store just so he’ll stop screaming about them, something I would never do in the States. Needless to say, we’ll be carting a few bags of these home with us when our year here is up.


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
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U is for ubiquitous (and ugh?). See more Us at Jenny’s.

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  1. I love the soft cheesy ones that melt in your mouth. Great shots.

  2. I do believe my introduction to these ubiquitous snacks adds to my cultural edification. Mwahahahaha! U-nique!!!

  3. Definitely ‘Ugh!’ Great u post!

  4. I love cheetos! …so would try these too. Yum!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  5. Nothing beats the taste of a crunchy Cheeto! I hope you’ll tell us what other “regional favorites” you have come across in the grocery store there!!!

  6. lovely photo! I think I’d like a few right now!

  7. lovely shot.

  8. I’ve tried some sort of corn puff snack that was either cheesy or like buttered popcorn, but was not a corn kernel. These look interesting.

  9. I read somewhere a long time ago that every culture has its own unique treatment for inexpensive or common foods like rice, potatoes, etc. From your post it appears that is also true for junk food!

  10. I bet there are really fun flavors to try.

  11. If they are like those buttery puffed pop corn snacks they sell here I love those! ~Ames

  12. I guess humans everywhere are crazy about foods that are NOT good for us. 🙂

  13. sounds like they could be good I like the puffed popcorn here in the States Is it similiar to that?

  14. What a lovely post.

  15. I lived in Jordan for years, and they have these snacks there too. I see by the No. 1 on the bag that you possibly shop at Carrefour? Just found your blog, and am enjoying it.

  16. We used to call them wotsits in the UK. As a child I used to stuck the flavour off them as they melted in my mouth.

  17. […] spontaneously erupts in my living room. And while Bun throwing Legos on the floor and smashing pufuleţi with his socks is exciting, I do miss my daily walks to the market and the park. I miss […]

  18. visiting from jenny’s. :] have a great weekend!

  19. Yum! We are big cheetos fans here. These sound like something my kids would inhale.

  20. They kind of look like puffed corn, which I tried once. It was just too buttery for me.

  21. They sound yummy, actually. I’d love a half of an aisle filled with cheeto like things!

    Unbelievably yummy.

    Thanks for linking this week.


  22. I love Cheetos which makes me quite curious about these pufuleţi’s you mentioned. Japan, thankfully, does not have anything like them, though they do have a bunch of equally unhealthy snacks too. I’m just glad I am at my best behavior when I encounter these snacks and manage to avoid buying them 🙂

  23. […] pufuleţi with Every meal. Kids love ’em, and Salt is a food […]

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