September 5

September 5, 2011 at 8:33 pm | Posted in Family, Transylvania | 8 Comments
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September 5: 3 months down, 9 to go.
We’ve been in Romania three months. We’ve gone from plane-weary travelers touching down in a strange, strange place to semi-seasoned expats who can navigate the grocery store and the post office. We’ve seen some amazing stuff: mountains, forests, valleys, fields of sunflowers; piles and piles of locally grown watermelon; even a Mercedes garbage truck. There’s still have a lot we want to learn and experience, but we have no regrets about our decision to uproot our calm, stable American lives for a year abroad. No regrets — and that includes the broken leg!


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
Read the tales
See the photos.


and then, she {snapped}



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  1. I’ve been to Bucharest once several years ago. I hear there have been many improvments since the country became a EU member. I’ve also met many Romanian people and they were always very friendly. How do you like living there?

  2. Sounds like a great adventure! and that picture is perfect.

    I’m off to learn about the broken leg. 🙂

  3. I love this delightful composition with that exquisite color and texture.

  4. you will have the best year ever! (we moved to China in 2005 for one year and it was AMAZING) – cherish this time!! It will fly by

  5. Gorgeous photo…love the colour and composition! Romania for a year…what an adventure! I know a couple of Romanians…wonderful people; so kind and very talented.

  6. what an adventure! I’m glad you are photographing it, every day!

  7. Very cool! What are you doing in Romania? My husband and I traveled to Romania about 7 years ago. We were in Cluj.

  8. […] I’ve called home for a decade. In other ways, I felt a keen yearning for Romania, with its billowing fields and village cottages surrounded by hand-baled haystacks. At the end, I was grateful for a few […]

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