August 31

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August 31: The thrill of the tire swing.
Ahhhhh, tire swings! There’s something about them, isn’t there? I have fond memories from my own childhood of swinging on them and giggling with my friends, then jumping off with black streaks across my hands and the seat of my shorts. My children are just now discovering the thrill of tire swings, and they beeline for them at the park. This particular swing was part of the playground at our amazing Iara Valley bed-and-breakfast in Romania. It seems like forever ago, before my accident, before my surgery, before I’d spent 11 unexpected days away from home. I can’t yet walk the kiddos to the park and push them on the tire swing, but I’m working toward that goal every single day.


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T is for tire swings. See more Ts at Jenny’s!

Jenny Matlock



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  1. it is fun to watch kids doing such a swing ride.

  2. Your photo brings back pleasant childhood memories. I hope you can soon walk your kids to the park!

  3. What a terrific picture! I really admire your vision and determination. I have no doubt at all that you will reach your goal!

    Good for you!

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring post with us.


  4. We had a Tire Swing out in the back for my kids and
    the happiness was so loud… lovely photo of your kids
    and it’s so nice to hear children enjoying themselves..
    great post

  5. That is a lovely photo. I always loved swings.

  6. Hahaha! I wanted to come up with an original comment, but I just have to agree with everyone else! Great “T” post!!

  7. Hope you can walk with the kiddos to the park soon!

  8. I love the overhead view. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. I hope you get back to pushing your kids in a tire swing soon. I read your story…what an adventure. I lived in Sicily, but my husband was in the Navy and we used the Naval Hospital. A few years ago, someone else posted on their blog about being in an Italian hospital and it was very similar to your experience…a shared room or ward. Except she knew the language which would be a huge advantage! Get well soon!

  10. Tiny toddler and baby people having a terrific time! Aw…love it! Anne

  11. I love the photo…..and goodness knows, I’ve spent my share of time on tire swings and pushing them for my children too.

  12. Tyre swings are great (different one on my Sunday post). Hope your recovery is going smoothly.

  13. What a beautiful picture πŸ™‚ I’ve never played on a tire swing but I can definitely associate it with images of childhood!

  14. I do love a swing!


  15. nice photo and cute narrative

  16. That picture is so adorable!

    I LOVE tire swings!

    Stopping by from Jenny’s!!!

  17. Love the angle, it seems such a long time since I’ve been on a tyre swing … I’ll keep an eye out for one, I can hear the laughter already. πŸ™‚

  18. Great T word — and lovely photo! πŸ™‚

    Greetings from Germany,

    PS: See my T post here! πŸ™‚

  19. Tremendous goal to have… and your tire swing photo (terrific POV, how DID you do that?) is a tip-top entry for T day.

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