August 30

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August 30: Lonely for La Liga.
On the way to the hospital this morning to get my staples removed, we passed La Liga, a restaurant we’ve eaten at a couple of times with some of our Romanian friends. I saw the patio with its red, green, and black umbrellas and got all nostalgic about the memories we’ve made here so far … and a little sad about the memories we’re not making now since I am home-bound indefinitely.

I actually took this photo the last time we were at La Liga. As I was getting ready to post it, I remembered we had dined that night with friends who, just this last weekend, brought me get-well flowers and took Lollipop and Giggles to the playground. I realized that we are still making memories here … just of an altogether different sort than we had imagined!


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  1. When you do look back, the bad bits will be fuzzy and the good bits as plain as if they were yesterday. Try and find a good bit to remember each day, it’ll make you smile later.

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