August 23

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August 23: New hardware.
I had to temporarily abandon my photo project because I fell off a Vespa in Tuscany, broke my right leg, spent a week in the hospital having and recovering from surgery to repair it, and finally, finally, finally today made it home to Romania. One day, this is going to be a really good story, right? At the moment, it’s still a lot of pain and exhaustion and disbelief. But I’m home. I’m with my children again. I’m resting on my own pillows in my own bed. And those simple amenities are what I have longed for all week.


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
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  1. Ouch, looks awful, hope you heal up quickly!

  2. Oh my!! I had begun to wonder what had happened to you, since there was no post for so long. I’m glad that you are back at home with the kiddos. I snapped my upper arm last year going off my horse, so I know about the pain, exhaustion and disbelief. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Ted! I’m finding that it’s nice to meet fellow broken-limbers and swap stories. It’s like a private club none of us really wanted to belong to in the first place! And I’m going to have to get creative about photos for these next couple of weeks. The inside of our apartment in Romania can only be made to look interesting in so many ways, you know? =>

  3. […] 24: Something out of place. The day before my accident, we visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the surrounding churches and theaters. This rusty yellow […]

  4. Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. This looks so painful. I hope your truly on the mend now!

  5. Oh my goodness. Glad to hear you are on the mend now!

  6. […] in Florence reflected in my husband’s sunglasses. On our only full day in the city before my crash, we walked around to all the major attractions. We listened to several self-guided audio tours. We […]

  7. […] middle of tourist season!) for a life-size Pinocchio statue. We had spotty wi-fi and then had much bigger things to worry about, so I didn’t get a chance to solve the mystery until we were back in Romania. Why all the […]

  8. […] 30: Lonely for La Liga. On the way to the hospital this morning to get my staples removed, we passed La Liga, a restaurant we’ve eaten at a couple of times with some of our Romanian […]

  9. […] September 1: Getting in gear. It’s the first day of the Romanian school year. With just a little help, Lollipop and Giggles hopped right out of bed, got dressed, brushed their hair and teeth, grabbed their school bags, and were ready to see their preschool friends and teachers again. It was a bittersweet morning for me because, normally, I would be driving them. Normally, the stick shift on our European Opel (pictured above, with a tiny slice of my reflection) would be my biggest nemesis. Normally, I would start my day with an adrenaline rush as I veered around cars half-parked on sidewalks and dodged taxis and buses on the 10-minute route to school. But this morning, I sat back. I let my husband and father take care of it. I gave out hugs and kisses and more hugs. And I watched them go, eager for their school-year adventure to begin just as I am eager to resume all the jobs I once did with relative ease … except, okay, the stick shift. That will never be easy, healed leg or not! […]

  10. Home sweet home. 🙂

  11. […] September 2: Lego my Lego. Bun loves Legos. He loves to eat them. He loves to throw them. He loves to hand them to you to put together so he can immediately take them apart. And we do a lot of that these days. I sit on the couch, he hands me Legos, I put them together, he pulls them apart, he laughs, he hands me Legos, I put them together, he pulls them apart, he laughs, and on and on. That’s one of the bright spots of having to be still all day. Sometimes, all I can do is play with my children. When have I ever been able to say that? I can’t cook. I can’t clean. I can’t put laundry away or sweep my deck or organize my pantry. I can sit. And play. And laugh. Maybe this isn’t so bad after all. […]

  12. […] September 5: 3 months down, 9 to go. We’ve been in Romania three months. We’ve gone from plane-weary travelers touching down in a strange, strange place to semi-seasoned expats who can navigate the grocery store and the post office. We’ve seen some amazing stuff: mountains, forests, valleys, fields of sunflowers; piles and piles of locally grown watermelon; even a Mercedes garbage truck. There’s still have a lot we want to learn and experience, but we have no regrets about our decision to uproot our calm, stable American lives for a year abroad. No regrets — and that includes the broken leg! […]

  13. Ouch! That hurts! It looks like my brothers leg…Ouch!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!! and this wasn’t to long ago. I do hope your feeling better though. Oh! my leg hurts now ~ But then again. . . you did break it in Tuscany. . . so how sorry should I feel for you? 😉 Ouch!!!!!!!!

  14. […] that! More importantly right now, it was the two-month anniversary of my surgery in Italy to repair my broken leg. I’m still on crutches, still not walking, but nearly every day, there’s some small […]

  15. […] administered my epidural, the surgeons hammered a titanium plate and five screws into my fractured tibia, and then they zapped in 32 staples. It’s an anniversary I marked this week by taking my […]

  16. […] 15: Break a leg. I slipped on the ice yesterday and twisted my once-broken knee. (Drat this winter!) Today, I went for an X-ray, just to be safe. And now I have a […]

  17. […] February 18: Crunching the numbers. Six months later, I’m still bionic. […]

  18. […] May 22: No picnic. We spent the day touring the countryside around Poprad, Slovakia, and car-picnicking at a scenic overlook of the Tatra Mountains. In the evening, we headed to Aqua City for some water-park fun and a laser show. Little did we know, we’d end up in the emergency room preparing my four-year-old for surgery to pin his broken elbow. Yes, it happened again. […]

  19. […] I can feel the five pins that hold my tibia in place. Stairs still hurt. And there’s a high probability I’ll […]

  20. […] call taxis, order pizza (with corn and ketchup), and get used to frozen hair? Did we really break two bones, have two surgeries, and navigate health-care systems in four different languages? Did we really […]

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