July 13

July 13, 2011 at 5:22 pm | Posted in Transylvania | 2 Comments
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July 13: Mail call! Our first package from home arrived today. Well, not exactly. I drove to the post office to pick it up, got lost, found it, was redirected to another post office, sweated buckets, asked 7 random strangers where I was going in my broken Romanian, stood in one line until told to wait in another line, sweated more buckets, watched the customs people open my box and examine the contents, held the fussy baby the whole time, and sweated more buckets. But now we have syrup! And black beans! And a fly swatter! Hooray!


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  1. You never really appreciate a flyswatter until you don’t have one…

  2. […] When he comes back with a large U.S. Priority Mail box, realize you have never been as glad as you are right now to see that red and blue logo with the white eagle on it. Don’t even blink when Jean Reno says, “I need to open your […]

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